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Brand: HOWARD Model: HPCB0008
Pine-Ola Copper & Brass Polish     Wipe on · Wipe off · Shine Pine-Ola Copper & Brass Polish is easy to use and quickly removes tarnish and oxidation. This unique formula is a wipe on, let Pine-Ola remove tarnish, then wipe off and buff to a shine. If decorative brass or co..
R 255.00
Ex Tax:R 221.74
Brand: HOWARD Model: HPWAX009
R 443.00
Ex Tax:R 385.22
Brand: HOWARD Model: HPSP0008
Pine-Ola Silver Polish     Wipe on · Wipe off · Shine Since 1920, the Pine-Ola brand of metal polishes has been the choice of leading silversmiths across the United States and Europe. Safely cleans and polishes without using acids or harsh abrasives. Pine-Ola Silver Polish qui..
R 253.00
Ex Tax:R 220.00
Brand: PT CLEANING Model: C1/0255
SUPA BRASS & COPPER POLISH 500 mlThis is a non ferrous cleaning compound. Suitable for cleaning and polishing Silver, Copper & Brass. Will effectively remove Tarnish and Oxidationand ensure a clean, shining surface. Contains solvent based scuff polish abrasive and wax additives..
R 93.00
Ex Tax:R 80.87
Brand: NULL Model: C1/0334
R 92.43
Ex Tax:R 80.38
Brand: PT CLEANING Model: C1/0244
TRIPLE RED ALUMINIUM CLEANER 1LTRTriple Red Aluminium Cleaner  & Brightner  is effectively used for  cleaning, degreasing, brightening and removing contaminates / scale deposits from aluminium. Can be used on tankers, mag wheels, engine components / parts and general fabricating..
R 41.00
Ex Tax:R 35.65
Brand: PT CLEANING Model: C1/0245
TRIPLE RED ALUMINIUM CLEANER 5LTRTriple Red Aluminium Cleaner  & Brightner  is effectivelyused for  cleaning, degreasing, brightening and removingcontaminates / scale deposits from aluminium. Can be usedon tankers, mag wheels, engine components / parts and gene..
R 148.00
Ex Tax:R 128.70
Brand: PT CLEANING Model: C1/0240
TRIPLE RED METAL CLEANER 1LTRMetal Cleaner was developed to effectively clean metal and remove Rust,  Grime,  Contaminates,  Oxidation and Scaling.  It  is  used  to  prepare  surfaces  for  Painting,     Priming and fo..
R 67.00
Ex Tax:R 58.26
Brand: PT CLEANING Model: C1/0241
TRIPLE RED METAL CLEANER 5LTRMetal Cleaner was developed to effectively cleanmetal and remove Rust,  Grime,  Contaminates, Oxidation and Scaling.  It  is  used  to  prepare surfaces  for  Pa..
R 268.00
Ex Tax:R 233.04
Brand: PT CLEANING Model: C1/0277
TRIPLE RED PICKLING & BRIGHTENING PASTE STAINLESS 1LTThis 1 Litre Triple Red Pickling and Brightening Paste for Stainless Steel is the perfect solution for restoring the shine and luster of stainless steel surfaces. It is easy to use and provides a deep clean that will leave your stainless steel..
R 121.00
Ex Tax:R 105.22
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