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Brand: INGCO Model: IW10508
INGCO / 1050 Watt Impact Wrench, 6 Piece Sockets, 125mm Adaptor / IW10508..
R 2,737.00
Ex Tax:R 2,380.00
Brand: INGCO Model: ASG4041
INGCO / Air Spray Gun 400 CC, Standard Nozzle 1.5mm / ASG4041With Europe, USA, Nitto and Italy type connectors.Suitable for base coatStandard nozzle: 1.5mmPattern width: 180-250mmPaint capacity: 400ccOptional nozzle: 1.2-1.8mmOperating pressure: 3-4barAir cons: 4.2-7.1cfm (119-200l/min)Packed by Col..
R 425.50
Ex Tax:R 370.00
Brand: INGCO Model: AG10108
INGCO / Angle Grinder 1010 Watt, No-Load Speed 12000rpm, Disc Diameter125mm / AG10108Voltage: 220-240V~50/60HzInput power: 1010WNo-load speed: 12000rpmDisc diameter: 125mmSpindle thread: M14Packed by Colour BoxINCLUDES:1 Piece Auxiliary handle..
R 1,275.35
Ex Tax:R 1,109.00
Brand: INGCO Model: AG24008
INGCO / Angle Grinder 2400 Watt, No-Load Speed 6300rpm, Disc Diameter 230mm / AG240082400 WATT ANGLE GRINDERVoltage: 220-240V~50/60HzInput power: 2400WNo-load speed: 6300rpmDisc diameter: 230mmSpindle thread: M14Packed by Colour BoxINCLUDES:1 Piece Auxiliary handle1 Set Carbon brushes..
R 1,921.65
Ex Tax:R 1,671.00
Brand: INGCO Model: AG75028
INGCO / Angle Grinder 750 Watt, No-Load Speed 12000rpm, Disc Diameter 115mm / AG75028Voltage: 220-240V~50/60HzInput power: 750WNo-load speed: 12000rpmDisc diameter: 115mmSpindle thread: M14INCLUDES:1 Piece Auxiliary handle..
R 580.75
Ex Tax:R 505.00
Brand: INGCO Model: AG8508
INGCO / Angle Grinder 950 Watt, No-Load Speed 11000rpm, Disc Diameter 115mm / AG8508Voltage: 220-240V~50/60HzInput power: 950WNo-load speed: 11000rpmDisc diameter: 115mmSpindle thread: M14Packed by Colour BoxINCLUDES:1 Piece Auxiliary handle..
R 725.65
Ex Tax:R 631.00
Brand: INGCO Model: AP14008
INGCO / Angle Polisher 1400 Watt, No-Load Speed 900-3800rpm, Polishing Pad Diameter 180mm / AP14008Voltage: 220-240V~50/60HzInput power: 1400WNo-load speed: 900-3800rpmPolishing pad diameter: 180mmPacked by Colour BoxDurable aluminum gear boxINCLUDES:1 Piece Polishing pad1 Set Polishing bonnet..
R 1,952.70
Ex Tax:R 1,698.00
Brand: INGCO Model: CS18528
INGCO / Circular Saw 1400 Watt, 185mm, includes 1pc 140mm Blade & 1 Set Carbon Brushes / CS18528Voltage: 220-240V~50/60HzInput power: 1400WNo-load speed: 4800rpmBlade diameter: 185mmCutting capacity: 45°degree: 45mm, 90°degree: 65mmAdjustable cutting depthAdjustable bevel cut..
R 1,948.10
Ex Tax:R 1,694.00
Brand: INGCO Model: CSLI1401
INGCO / Circular Saw Cordless 20v 140mm Blade / CSLI140120 VOLT CIRCULAR SAWNo-load speed: 3600rpmBlade diameter: 140mmCutting capacity: 45°degree: 28mm, 90°degree: 40mmAdjustable cutting depthAdjustable bevel cuttingINCLUDES:1 Piece 140mm BladeMachine Only ! Battery and Charger ..
R 1,881.40
Ex Tax:R 1,636.00
Brand: INGCO Model: CAGLI201158
INGCO / CORDLESS ANGLE GRINDER 20V BRUSHLESS CUT-OFF-TOOL WITH 1 PCS AUXILIARY HANDLE 115MM / CAGLI201158BrandIngcoMaterialStainless Steel,Aluminum Alloy,Rubber,Steel,IronStyleAngle Grinder (body only)Power sourceBattery PoweredColourBlackVoltage20 VoltsDesign: aluminum alloy head shell, brushless m..
R 1,213.25
Ex Tax:R 1,055.00
Brand: INGCO Model: CABLI20018
INGCO / Cordless Aspirator Blower 20v / CABLI20018Voltage 20VNo-load speed: 0-9000/0-18000/rpmMax.air volume: 2.7m3/minNo battery or Charger Included..
R 522.10
Ex Tax:R 454.00
Brand: INGCO Model: CABLI2001
INGCO / Cordless Aspirator Blower 20v, includes 1 Piece Dust Bag / CABLI2001No-load speed: 10000/12500/17000/minMax.air volume: 2.7m3/minIncludes 1 Piece Dust BagNo Charger or Battery Included..
R 1,028.10
Ex Tax:R 894.00
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