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Brand: KREG
Klamp plate The Klamp Plate is used to secure the Bench Klamp to a workbench.....
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Brand: KREG
Face Clamp - 3' Reach The Perfect Clamp for Kreg Joinery™ 3'-reach (76mm); clamps materials up to (70mm) 23/4'-thick Ergonomic padded grips for comfort and ease-of-use Helps create a flush joint as screws are driven Compatible with Kreg Jig® R3’s Portable Clamp Adapter....
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Brand: KREG
Top Trak - 48' (4') Self-aligning, 'L'-shaped mounting foot Can be easily installed on shop-made fence Also availble in 24' length (610mm) This Trak features a self-aligning, 'L'-shaped mounting foot for easy installation on a shop-made fence. Just drill 1/8' holes through the back of t..
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Brand: KREG
3.5-Meter Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape (R-L Reading) 3.5-meter metric tape Right-to-Left reading Highly scuff-resistant metallic Self-adhesive backing Easily trimmed with a scissors Compatible with Kreg Top Trak & Heavy-Duty Trak....
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Double jaw F-type clamp Clamping length: 200mm Throat: 120mm Rail: Steel Jaws: Malleable cast iron Spindle: Steel Handle: Wood Application: The double jaw F-type clamp is cleverly designed to have three pressure points, instead of two. The advantage is a better alignm..
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