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Brand: MAKITA Model: GA5040C
MAKITA / Angle Grinder 1400W 125mm Super Joint System 2 / GA5040CHigh power anti dust motor. Super Joint System II, developed for effective vibration absorption.Electronic current limiter, speed control and soft start.Re-designed durable gear housing.Ergonomically best possible barrel grip.Electroni..
R 4,844.95
Ex Tax:R 4,213.00
Brand: MAKITA Model: GA9010C
MAKITA / Angle Grinder 2000W 230mm / GA9010CCompact, lightweight and high power to weight ratio for greater efficiency.Lightweight body, reducing operator fatigue in continuous use.Dust proof constructions for extended motor life.Electronic speed control maintains wheel rotation speed under load for..
R 5,586.70
Ex Tax:R 4,858.00
Brand: MAKITA Model: GA9050
MAKITA / Angle Grinder 2000W 230mm Extra Slim with Deadman's Switch / GA90502000W | 230MM | 6600RPM | DEADMANS SWITCH | 4.7KG | BOXOverall lightest and most compact in its class. Extra slim design with “Dead Man’s switch”.Small and rotatable gear housing.Large trigger switch.Lightweight.Extra slim d..
R 3,661.60
Ex Tax:R 3,184.00
Brand: MAKITA Model: GA9020
MAKITA / Angle Grinder 2200W 230mm / GA9020Outstanding DurabilitySuperior anti-dust structure with increased heat resistance.Increased heat resistance.Superior anti-dust structure.Machined bevel gear for strength.Gear housing can be positioned at every 90 degrees.Double Insulation.Tool does not come..
R 3,696.10
Ex Tax:R 3,214.00
Brand: MAKITA Model: GA9040SK01
MAKITA / Angle Grinder 2600W 230mm Soft Start & Torque Limiter in Carry Case / GA9040SK01Superior heavy duty motor with outstanding durability.Large trigger switch with a lever for lock-off and lock-on.Low vibration rear handle with soft grip for more comfort and control.Rotatable rear handle ca..
R 5,988.05
Ex Tax:R 5,207.00
Brand: MAKITA Model: 9557HNG
MAKITA / Angle Grinder 840W 115mm Slim Body / 9557HNG*    High performance motor with enough power for masonry cutting and high heat resistance.*    Labyrinth construction protects all ball bearings from dust and debris.*    Small circumfer..
R 1,834.25
Ex Tax:R 1,595.00
Brand: MAKITA Model: DGA452ZK
MAKITA / Cordless Angle Grinder 18V 115mm Includes Carry Case / DGA452ZKPowerful angle grinder… Cordless.Compatible with BL1830, BL1850 and BL1860 Li-Ion battery.Capable of using wheels / discs for AC grinders.Easy to grip, small circumference motor housing.Anti-restart function for safety (with war..
R 3,274.05
Ex Tax:R 2,847.00
Brand: MAKITA Model: M0921B
MAKITA MT / Angle Grinder 2200W 230mm Finger Trigger Switch / M0921BHigh performance and durability at less expensePowerful 2,200 W motor delivers 6,600 RPM for faster material removalMotor housing designed to use in high temperature environmentCompact and lightweight for reduced operator fatiguePus..
R 2,977.35
Ex Tax:R 2,589.00
Brand: MAKITA Model: GA4530
MAKITA / Angle Grinder 115mm 720w Slim Body / GA4530..
R 1,753.75
Ex Tax:R 1,525.00
Brand: MAKITA Model: 9403
MAKITA / Belt Sander 100mm X610mm Belt 1200w With Dust Bag / 9403..
R 8,098.30
Ex Tax:R 7,042.00
Brand: MAKITA Model: UB1102
MAKITA / Blower Standard 600w Excluding Dust Bag / UB1102..
R 1,260.00 R 1,845.75
Ex Tax:R 1,095.65
Brand: MAKITA Model: N5900B
MAKITA / Circular Saw 235mm / N5900B..
R 5,078.40
Ex Tax:R 4,416.00
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