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Brand: HARDEN Model: 601003
3MX6mm Drain Cleaner..
R 104.92
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Brand: RIS-CLEANING Model: OPT1600
*    Acid Based Drain Cleaner effective in Removing in all Organic Blockages in Drains and Toilets*    Highly Reactive with Water*    Used as an Effective Means of Sanitizing all Areas*    DO NOT Mix with Water*    Available in 1ltr and 5ltr..
R 175.95
Ex Tax:R 153.00
Brand: PT CLEANING Model: G2/0019
TRIPLE RED DRAIN CLEANER 1lt FDRA001Highly Effective acid cleaner and dissolver.  Will Unclog, Clear, Clean and de-soil exterior drains. Can be used for Interior Shower & Basin drains.   Will destroy & dissolve  insoluable matter that cause drain blocks. New Child..
R 41.00
Ex Tax:R 35.65
Brand: PT CLEANING Model: C1/0215
TRIPLE RED DRAIN CLEANER 5LTR FDRA001Highly Effective acid cleaner and dissolver. Will Unclog, Clear, Clean and de-soil exterior drains.Can be used for Interior Shower & Basin drains.  Will destroy & dissolve  insoluable matter thatcause drain blocks. ..
R 157.00
Ex Tax:R 136.52
Brand: PT CLEANING Model: C1/177
TRIPLE RED DRAIN CLEANER GRANULES 1KGPrimerily  used  for unclogging  both  interior  and  exterior drains.  May be used for  interior drains in Industry  such as kitchens,  abattoirs,  food processing   &  change  h..
R 80.00
Ex Tax:R 69.57
Brand: PT CLEANING Model: C1/178
TRIPLE RED DRAIN CLEANER GRANULES 5KGPrimerily  used  for unclogging  both  interior  and  exterior drains. May be used for  interior drains in Industry  such as kitchens,  abattoirs, food processing..
R 333.00
Ex Tax:R 289.57
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