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Cleaning and Toileteries

Brand: RIS-CLEANING Model: OPT1050
*    Deodorizes the Air with a Cherry Fragrance*    The Viscosity is Liquid*    Uses in the Bathroom, Office, Car Washes etc*    Avilable in 5ltr and 25ltr..
R 106.00
Ex Tax:R 92.17
Brand: RIS-CLEANING Model: OPT1805
*    Bio-Degradable Water Based Heavy Duty Engine Cleaner*    Suitable for Degreasing and General Purpose Cleaning of Engines and Oils*    Dilute to suit needs*    Available in 5ltr and 25ltr ..
R 349.00
Ex Tax:R 303.48
Brand: RIS-CLEANING Model: OPT1236
*    Completely Water Soluble Liquid*    Used for High Pressure Washing of Motor Vehicles or Bucket Use*    Has Wax Properties to give a Shiny Finish to your Wash*    Available in 5ltr and 25ltr..
R 70.00
Ex Tax:R 60.87
Brand: RIS-CLEANING Model: OPT1190
*    Multi-Purpose Citrus Fragrance Cleaner*    Cleaning of all Hard Surfacers, General and Deep Cleaning*    Contains Anti-Bacterial Qualities*    Avilable in 5ltr and 25ltr ..
R 99.00
Ex Tax:R 86.09
Brand: RIS-CLEANING Model: OPT1246
*    Bio-Degradeable Water Base Degreaser*    Suitable for Degreasing and General Purpose Cleaning*    Cleaning of Hard Surfaces, Equipment, Walls and Floors*    Available in 1ltr, 2ltr, 5ltr and 25 ltr..
R 96.00
Ex Tax:R 83.48
Brand: RIS-CLEANING Model: OPT1500
*     A Water Based Sanitizer used for the Effective Killing and Elimination of Bacteria, Fungi and Unpleasant Odours*    Black Dip is ideal for Sanitizing all Hard Surfaces*     Good Effective Cleaning Ability*    Area's where best suited, Man Hole,..
R 203.00
Ex Tax:R 176.52
Brand: RIS-CLEANING Model: OPT1830
*    Cleans and Protects while Leaving a Shiny Surface*    Used on Vinyl Tiles, Marley Tiles, Melamine and Sealed Wooden Floors*    Lavender Fragrance*    Available in 5kg and 25kg..
R 155.00
Ex Tax:R 134.78
Brand: RIS-CLEANING Model: OPT2050
*    Pleasantly Fragranced Hand Cleaner with Grit*    Effectively Removes Dirt, Grease and Grime from Hands*    Leaves Skin Feeling Smooth and Soft*    Available in 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 20kg..
R 723.00
Ex Tax:R 628.70
Brand: RIS-CLEANING Model: OPT2310
*    Neutral Liquid Based Hand Soap*     Contains Perfume and Bactericides *    Apply to Wet Hands, Work into Hands and Rinse off Under Running Water and Dry*    Available in 1ltr, 2ltr, 5ltr and 25ltr..
R 333.00
Ex Tax:R 289.57
Brand: RIS-CLEANING Model: NOVA 12651
RIS-CLEANING / Nova Laminated Folded Hand Towels 2Ply 2000 Sheets / NOVA 12651*    Laminated folded hand towel*    2000Sheets*    Interleaved folded sheets240MM X 200MM - Fold line 10omm*    Sappi Triple Green Tissue..
R 345.00
Ex Tax:R 300.00
Brand: RIS-CLEANING Model: NOVA 12311
RIS-CLEANING / Nova Recycled Supra Deluxe Toilet Paper 1Ply 300 Sht 10 Rolls / NOVA 12311Recycled Toilet Paper 300 Sheets(JHB Deliveries only, Available on request - T&C'S)..
R 29.00
Ex Tax:R 25.22
Brand: RIS-CLEANING Model: NOVA 12201
RIS-CLEANING / Nova Virgin Luxury Soft Toilet Paper 2Ply 48 Rolls / NOVA 12201Virgin Toilet Paper 350 Sheets(JHB Deliveries only, Available on request - T&C'S)..
R 342.00
Ex Tax:R 297.39
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