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Clamp Storage

Brand: ROCKLER Model: ROC34302
Rockler - F-Style Clamp Rack A compact solution to a sprawling problem! This new rack from Rockler herds your F-clamps together and mounts them firmly to the wall or to the Pack Rack (#21834, sold separately) so your clamps are where you need them when you need them. Includes:..
R 764.00
Ex Tax:R 664.35
Brand: ROCKLER Model: ROC38498
Rockler - 24'' Parallel Clamp Rack Organize your bulky parallel clamps once and for all. This specially designed rack holds all brands of parallel clamps - up to 12 in all - for easy and convenient storage. Pre-drilled holes are 16' on center for simple mounting to wall studs. Slott..
R 757.00
Ex Tax:R 658.26
Brand: ROCKLER Model: ROC33547
Rockler - Pipe Clamp Rack/Bar Clamp Rack Put an end to that pile of pipe clamps leaned up in the corner! This new clamp rack from Rockler puts your pipes firmly on the wall or on the Pack Rack (#21834, sold separately) so you'll never have to hear your clamps clatter on the concrete ..
R 903.00
Ex Tax:R 785.22
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