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Guide Bushes / Copying Rings

Brand: ROCKLER Model: ROC35062
Rockler - Guide Bushing Router Plate Affordable priced and designed with maximum utility in mind, this router plate features a 1 - 1/4' center opening to accept guide bushings and a ring of external mounting holes which forms multiple patterns to allow attachment to most popular rou..
R 511.00
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Brand: ROCKLER Model: ROC27593
Rockler - Inlay Bushing and Bit with Removable Collar This set allows you to use a single template to rout both the inlay piece and a precisely sized recess to accept the inlay. It includes a two-piece Template Guide Bushing, a 9/16' diameter Removable Collar and a 1/8' diameter spiral up..
R 1,362.00
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Brand: ROCKLER Model: ROC53817
Rockler - Router Bit Set-Up Jigs Set your router bit to the precise height every time for accurate lock miter joints! Simply bring the router bit up through the table and align the jig with the cutting edge of the bit. Jig works for 3/4' stock on one side and 5/8' stock on the ot..
R 331.00
Ex Tax:R 287.83
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