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Brand: TORK CRAFT Model: EG 10
Spare part for EG1 This is a spare part for the EG1 lock mortising attachment PART NUMBER: EG 10 DESCRIPTION: Clamp assembly (welded) for EG1..
R 1,749.00
Ex Tax:R 1,520.87
Brand: TORK CRAFT Model: EG1
Lock mortising attachment Jig to be used with an electric drill to bore out a mortise to fit a door lock. Application: The jig is clamped onto a door to cut a mortise for the fitment of a door lock. A drill is attached to the jig with the following requirements: The chuck needs to ..
R 4,334.00
Ex Tax:R 3,768.70
Brand: PRO-TECH Model: EG2-3
R 390.00
Ex Tax:R 339.13
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