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Compressors / Propellant

Brand: AIRCRAFT Model: SG BD-48
Airbrush propellant cap with valve Propellant can be bought in a canister, which is handy if a compressor isn't immediately available. This cap screws onto the canister to control the flow of air and to be able to shut it off when not in use. The cap can be used to connect to either M..
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Brand: AIRCRAFT Model: SG COMP13
12V Battery airbrush compressor kit The compressor can be used for airbrushing, running from a supplied 12V battery or from mains electricity. Suitable for airbrushes with nozzle size Ø 0.2 - 0.5mm Auto start stop function for continuous work, will maintain pressure at an auto start o..
R 2,932.00
Ex Tax:R 2,549.57
Brand: AIRCRAFT Model: SG COMP04
Mini airbrush compressor The compressor is designed for airbrush use. Although it doesn't have a tank, it will switch off when it has reached its output pressure and will switch on when in use. A filter and water trap is fitted to ensure the media in the airbrush isn't contaminated..
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Brand: AIRCRAFT Model: SG777
Mini compressor kit The compact compressor has an impressive airflow and pressure. Included in the kit: Compressor Hose The compressor doesn't have an auto-off feature and will need to be switched off when not in use. For sprayfinishing, the compressor can be used with the ..
R 2,736.00
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