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Brand: ALPEN Model: ALP ATM3-1
TUNGSTEN CARBIDE GLASS DRILL BIT 3 PIECE SET Details: 3-pcs. Plastic cassette Art.-Nr. 00 289000031 00 Range of application: For drilling glass, bottles, porcelain, ceramics etc. Rotary only. Shank DIN 3126, Form E6.3, ISO 1173..
R 486.00
Ex Tax:R 422.61
TorkCraft - Glass & Tile Drill Bit Set Size:  3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 8 mm Carded Pack:  Qty 5 Application: For precision drilling in glass, mirrors, ceramic and marble tiles. If the tile is on the wall, use a masonry bit to finish the hole once through the tile. If the tile..
R 230.00
Ex Tax:R 200.00
Brand: ALPEN Model: ALP KSBF8
8 Piece drill bit set for drilling into glass, ceramics, marble, etc. Profi Keramo KSBF 8, set in metal cassette 8 pcs. Range of application: High efficiency drill for drilling tiles, ceramics and marble. Rotary only. (Hammer action switched OFF) For drilling into: Tiles ..
R 612.00
Ex Tax:R 532.17
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