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Brand: FLEXIPADS Model: FLEX 40532
Buffing 'scratchless' white wonder Towel Double sided microfibre towel Double-sided microfibre towel with a short pile side for wiping off wax, and a deep pile on the reverse to achieve an excellent final buff. Designed around the newest generation of Microfibre fabric they have the i..
R 371.00
Ex Tax:R 322.61
Brand: TORK CRAFT Model: SPC00104
Microfiber cloth Application: The cloth is called a microfiber cloth, because the fibers in the cloth are sometimes 100 times thinner than a human hair. A microfiber cloth cleans better than a regular cloth, because it has a lot more smaller fibers. These small fibers attach themse..
R 38.00
Ex Tax:R 33.04
Brand: FLEXIPADS Model: FLEX 40535
Polishing edgeless green wonder Towel Microfibre towel These edgeless towels will not scratch the paint as they are made from nothing but the finest 80/20 blend of microfibre, but more importantly have no binding. Using the latest in microfibre technology and high frequency cutting they ..
R 259.00
Ex Tax:R 225.22
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