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Brand: KREG Model: KR KPHA530
Kreg Micro-Pocket™ Drill Guide Kit 530 Use your 500-Series Pocket-Hole Jig to create compact pocket holes This unique Micro-Pocket™ Drill Guide Kit creates a 25% smaller pocket hole (15/16' long) that works great for smaller projects, thinner stock, and tighter repair..
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Brand: KREG Model: KR KPHA760
Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig® Clamp Secure your Kreg® Pocket-Hole Jig to your workstation Use the all-steel Pocket-Hole Jig Clamp to secure 500-Series and 700-Series Pocket-Hole Jigs to your workstation. The clamp is great for converting your portable Pocket-Hole Jig 520PRO i..
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Brand: KREG Model: KR D6HD
HD Driver Bit 6' (152mm) driver with deep #3 square drive. Optimized for use with Kreg Jig® HD Screws. All of our drivers feature a solid, one-piece construction, magnetic tip, and Kreg® Quick-Change Chuck compatibility for fast and easy bit changes.....
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Brand: KREG Model: KR D6X2
(x2) 6' (150mm) #2 Square Driver Combo All Kreg drivers features a solid one-piece construction, magnetic tip, and Quick-Change compatibility for fast and easy bit changes. The 6' #2 Square Driver Combo includes two 6' drivers, offering the most flexibility ..
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Brand: KREG Model: KR KJDCA
Dust Collection Attachment Keep your work area clean, and your drill strokes quick and easy. This handy attachment connects any standard 1 1/4' (31mm) vacuum hose to your Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig for faster drill strokes and a cleaner shop. Only for use with the Pocket-H..
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Brand: KREG Model: KR KJHD
Kreg Jig® HD The heavy-duty solution for building with wood Efficient Design and Hardened-Steel Drill Guides Designed with the same tried-and-true efficient design and hardened-steel drill guides as the original Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig, the Pocket-Hole Jig HD lets you ..
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Brand: KREG Model: KR KPC1020
Custom Plug Cutting Bit The Custom Plug Cutting Bit works with the Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter to create plugs that perfectly match your project. This specially designed bit chucks into any drill, and fits into the hardened-steel drill guide in the Plug Cutter to prod..
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Brand: KREG Model: KR KPDGB
Portable Base This handy base accepts your Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig Drill Guide Block and connects to most Kreg Face Clamps for portable pocket holes. Allows your jig to be used as two tools in one: a sturdy benchtop jig utilizing the benchtop base for high-speed production ..
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Brand: KREG Model: KR KDG-6000
Drilling Guide The Kreg Drilling Guide makes it easy to create perfectly straight holes without using a drill press. You can get precisely positioned holes with just a hand drill. Featuring six hardened steel drill guides—from 1/8' to 1/2'—that do the work of holding you..
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Brand: KREG Model: KR KDRV-90DG
90° Pocket-Hole Driver Turn any drill into a 90° driver with the Kreg 90° Pocket-Hole Driver. This compact drill attachment allows you to drive screws in places you couldn’t normally reach with your drill. The included 3' square-drive bit has a magnetic tip that lock..
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Brand: KREG Model: KR DDS
3' & 6' #2 Square Driver Combo All Kreg drivers feature a solid one-piece construction, magnetic tip, and Kreg Quick-Change Chuck compatibility for fast and easy bit changes. This combo includes one 3' (76mm) square driver and one 6' (152mm) square driver. The ..
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Deck Jig™ 1/4' Spacer Rings Our red Deck Jig™ Spacer Rings ensure a consistent 1/4' spacing between your deck boards while you drive your screws to secure the board. Proper spacing ensures proper airflow, a cleaner deck, and a longer deck ..
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