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T-Tracks Face Pocket Hole

Brand: KREG Model: KR KBC3
3' Bench Clamp Quick, easy benchtop clamping with automatic adjustmentThese versatile clamps are perfect for creating flush-fitting assemblies with Kreg Joinery, and they're great for project assembly, routing, cutting, sanding, drilling, and more. Bench Clamps work w..
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Brand: KREG Model: KR KBC3-BAS
Bench Clamp with Bench Clamp Base Create a versatile, moveable benchtop clamping station Two sizes are available: 3' reach with 3 3/4' capacity, and 6' reach with 5' capacity. By combining a 3' Bench Clamp with a Bench Clamp Base, this kit allows you to ..
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Brand: KREG Model: KR KBC3-SYS
Bench Clamp System Create a versatile 360° benchtop clamping station The Bench Clamp System combines a versatile 3' Bench Clamp with an anodized-aluminum Clamp Plate to create a 360° clamping station that can be recessed into just about any wood surface, such as a wo..
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Brand: KREG Model: KR KBK-IP
Clamp Plate Create an incredibly strong and versatile clamping station virtually anywhere you need one. The Clamp Plate lets you create an incredibly strong and versatile clamping station virtually anywhere you need one. The Clamp Plate can be quickly routed into any..
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Ex Tax:R 349.65
Classic 3' Face Clamp A Great Clamp for Kreg Joinery and More This Classic Face Clamp offers increased reach and clamping capacity. Features a 3' reach and clamps materials up to 2 3/4' thick. Classic Face Clamps are designed for creating perfectly flush Kreg ..
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Brand: KREG Model: KR KHC6
Wood Project Clamp - 6' Quick, Convenient Clamping with Automatic Adjustment Wood Project Clamps are perfect for Kreg Joinery, project assembly, general clamping, and more. Available in two sizes (6' reach and 3' reach) these versatile clamps have large clamp faces t..
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Brand: KREG Model: KR KHCCC
90° Corner Clamp The Kreg® 90° Corner Clamp gives you the helping hand you need to hold 90° corners and 'T' joints together securely when you’re assembling boxes, drawers, cabinets and cases. Plus, the 90° Corner Clamp leaves both of your hands free to add your fasten..
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Brand: KREG Model: KR KMS7520
Track clamp The perfect companions to the Accu-Cut™ family of products, as well as the Adaptive Cutting System These easy-to-use Track Clamps lock into place on the underside of the Accu-Cut™ track and Starting Block to offer additional holding power when needed—such ..
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Brand: KREG Model: KR KMS7704
Heavy-Duty-Trak - 48' Our Heavy-Duty Trak is an 'L'-shaped, anodized-aluminum extrusion that is extremely straight and great for heavy-use commercial applications. This Trak contains four T-slots that accommodate the head of a standard 1/4' (6mm) hex bolt. A 1/2' (13mm) ..
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Brand: KREG Model: KR KMS7728
3.5-Meter Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape This 3.5-meter metric tape features a self-adhesive backing and fits snugly into the indentation on the top side of the Kreg Top Trak and Heavy-Duty Trak. Metallic tape is highly scuff-resistant and can be trimmed to length with sci..
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Brand: KREG Model: KR KBC3-HDSYS
Heavy-Duty Bench Clamp System Portable 360° clamping station for wood projects For 360° clamping on the go, check out the Heavy-Duty Bench Clamp System. It combines a 3' Bench Clamp with a thick 10' x 10' powder-coated steel plate. Rubber feet allow this system to be..
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Brand: KREG Model: KR KBC3-VISE
Clamp Vise Multipurpose vise system for wood projects The Clamp Vise combines a 3' Bench Clamp with an anodised-aluminium plate that mounts to the edge of a benchtop to create a simple, highly effective bench vise. It’s great for clamping pieces on edge, supported by..
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