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Rotary Cutters / Blades

Brand: OLFA Model: BLA RB45-2
OLFA® 45 mm Rotary Cutter Blade For: Olfa Rotary cutter models  RTY-2/G   RTY-2/DX   RTY-2/NS   RTY-2/C   45-C Cat No: RB45-2 Qty: 2 /Pack These replacement blades are designed for OLFA® rotary cutters used for quilting, sewing and general crafts. This OLFA® rotary blade cuts ..
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Brand: OLFA Model: BLA RB45H
OLFA® 45mm Endurance Rotary Blade For: Olfa Rotary cutter models  RTY-2/G   RTY-2/DX   RTY-2/NS   RTY-2/C Cat No: RB45H-1 Qty: 1 /Pack This OLFA® Endurance Rotary Blade cuts TWO TIMES as long as our standard rotary blades. The expertly-honed tungsten tool steel blade with propri..
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Brand: OLFA Model: BLA TCB1
Olfa® Blades For TEC-1 For: Olfa cutter model: TEC-1 Cat no: TCB-1 Qty: 3 /Pack Set of 3 blades for TEC-1 blades . It can perfectly cut textile, hemming, without causing damage. Particularly suitable for cutting and making small cuts using the work piece through the work piece suc..
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Brand: OLFA Model: CTR RTY1C
28mm Quick Change Rotary Cutter Perfect for small-scale projects Cat no: RTY-1/C The 28mm Rotary Cutter is perfect for small-scale projects, miniatures and tight corners. The rotary cutter features a durable handle supplied with a blade cover for safety. The handle is very comforta..
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Brand: OLFA Model: CTR RTY2DX
OLFA® 45mm Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter Combination of comfort, convenience, strength and safety Cat no: RTY-2/DX You're looking at a brand new Olfa Rotary cutter knife used for leathercraft, paper craft or cutting fabric. This OLFA® rotary cutter is a combination of comfort, convenie..
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Brand: OLFA Model: CTR RTY2G
Olfa® 45 mm Straight Handle Rotary Cutter Most popular size! Cat no: RTY-2/G 45mm Original Rotary Cutter has changed the quilting and sewing industry. The most popular size available, this cutter features a durable handle with a blade cover for safety. The cutter is a rolling razor b..
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Brand: OLFA Model: CTR RTY3G
Olfa® 60 mm Straight Handle Rotary Cutter Perfect for tough projects Cat no: RTY-3/G With the 60 mm Rotary Cutter there's no reason to struggle cutting through multiple layers. This OLFA® rotary cutter is ideal for medium to heavy-duty projects. It can accommodate up to eight layers ..
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Brand: OLFA Model: OLF RTY ST-QR
Premium Quilt Making Kit Ideal gift for a beginner quilter Cat no: RTY-ST/QR Contains: RTY-2/G rotary cutter RM-IC-C rotary mat (470x320x1.6mm) QR-6S or QR-15 x 16 quilt ruler The premium quilt making kit is perfect for a beginner quilter, quilt class attendee, educator ..
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Brand: OLFA Model: CTR RTY-3GH
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Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES577474
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Brand: OLFA Model: BLA CHB1
60 mm Chenille/Textile Cutter Blade For: OLFA® CHN1 chenille cutter Cat No: CHB-1 Qty: 1 /Pack This ultra-sharp, double-honed blade can cut through multiple layers of fabric, felt, or fleece. This blade is designed to be used with the OLFA® chenille cutter. (CHB-1) Good For: Cr..
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Brand: OLFA Model: BLA PIB451
OLFA® Stainless Steel Pinking Blade For: OLFA® 45mm deluxe rotary cutter (RTY-2/DX) Cat No: PIB45-1 Qty: 1 /Pack If you want to keep the edge of your fabric from raveling, you need to cut it with a pinking blade. This OLFA® blade puts those familiar 'teeth' on the edge of the fab..
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