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Striplox - Shelflox Extendable

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Shelflox Extendable

The Striplox Shelflox is an ultra strong, fully concealed solution for fixing horizontal shelving or vertical panels. Adjustable to suit a variety of depths from 215mm (8.5”) to 600mm (23.6”), this strong and permanent solution allows for shelving to be quickly installed simply by sliding into the locked position.

It has the added benefit of shelves being able to be positioned opposite each other horizontally with one single end panel saving substrate and transportation costs. It is suitable for all cabinets, furniture, closets and designed for a minimum of 16mm (5/8”) substrate either MDF, particle board or timber. No need for visible 32 system holes.

Perfect For

  • Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Cabinetry
  • Architectural Projects
  • Commercial Design
  • Furniture Manufacture
  • Retail Space
  • Signage
  • Exhibitions & Displays
  • Wardrobes/Closets
  • RV & Marine
  • Feature Wall & Ceiling Panels
  • Acoustic Timber Walls & Ceilings
  • And More..!

Amazing results

Striplox makes every unique joining application streamlined and concealed for use on solid timber, MDF, composite panels, aluminium features, balsa wood plus more. Striplox is easy to install, adjustable, highly customisable and made from environmentally friendly, durable, heat stabilized glass reinforced nylon. With unparalleled strength Striplox will meet all required needs in numerous applications.

Aesthetically, Striplox replaces visible screws, brackets, fittings, connectors, latches, cam and dowels, mounting blocks and other methods providing leading edge design solutions. Striplox can be surface or rebate mounted in vertical, horizontal, under mount or top mount positions.

WARNING: Always follow the safety guidelines when working with tools, Always use eye protection.


  • Internationally patent protected
  • Designed to suit all standard manufacturing processes
  • incorporating the recognised standard S-32 drilling pattern for easy of fitting and assembly
  • No visible fixing or bags of loose fasteners
  • Replaces visible screws, brackers, fittings, connectors, latches, cam and dowels, mounting blocks and other mechanical components
  • Elimates damage - install panels during final build
  • Lower transportation cost - flat pack
  • Lower labor costs on site assembly
  • No tools or trade skill required for assembly
  • Variety of mounting options, glue and screw fixing
  • Strength, durability and versatility
  • Allows flat pack and knock down furniture and components to be locked together
Striplox Full Range Demonstration

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