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METABO / Bench Thicknesser 230V 1800W 152X330M / DH 330

METABO / Bench Thicknesser 230V 1800W 152X330M / DH 330
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METABO / Bench Thicknesser 230V 1800W 152X330M / DH 330
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  • Model: DH 330
  • Weight: 38.00kg
  • Dimensions: 640.00mm x 570.00mm x 430.00mm
  • SKU: DH 330
  • UPC: 4003665424477
METABO / Bench Thicknesser 230V 1800W 152X330M / DH 330

This thickness planer from Metabo gives you the ability to remove up to 3mm of material per pass thanks to the high speed 9,800 rpm cutting shaft making over 325 cuts per second with the two blades. The machine only weighs 35 kilograms, which is extremely lightweight compared to other machines with similar capability. This allows it to be moved around when required, or easily mounted to a mobile cabinet type bench.

Easy to transport. Light weight and stable.

The planer is easy to use and adjust, with stop points at the most common passage heights, up to the maximum of 152mm. It has large infeed and outfeed tables for better security with larger workpieces and lower chances of snipe.

For user safety, there is an anti-restart feature. This activates when there is a power cut during usage – often the first action of a user is to go investigate the cause of the outage, leaving the machine unattended. If they successfully restore power, a machine could suddenly restart while out of the control of the user. This machine has a specially designed switch that prevents the machine starting up by itself after power restoration.



  • Ideal for mobile use due to low weight.
  • Stable gear for uniform work piece feed.
  • Convenient height adjustment with crank handle.
  • Easy setting of common passage heights using stop points.
  • Powerful universal motor for powerful lugging drive and even planing result.
  • Restart protection: prevents unintentional start-up after power supply interruption.
  • Precise thickness adjustment for quick and exact planing.
  • Large feed and exit tables support the conveyance of long materials.
  • Planing locking mechanism prevents unintentional adjustment of the chip removal setting.

579 x 857 x 574 mm / 1.9 x 2.9 x 1.9 ft

Chip removal bench thicknesser

0 – 3 mm // 0 – 1/8 "

Material thickness table

Cast aluminium / special steel aluminium

Thickness table L x W

840 x 330 mm / 33 x 13 "

Passage height/width

152 / 330 mm // 6 / 13 "

Feed rate

7 m/min / 16 ft/min

Diameter of blade shaft

47 mm / 1 7/8 "

Number of blades


Revolutions of blade shaft

9800 rpm

Rated input power

1800 W


35 kg / 77.2 lbs

Noise Emission | Uncertainty of measurement K

4 dB(A)

Product Type

Corded, Semi-Stationary



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METABO / Bench Thicknesser 230V 1800W 152X330M / DH 330
Out Of Stock
METABO / Bench Thicknesser 230V 1800W 152X330M / DH 330..
R 12,647.00
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